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8 Must Try Bdellium Tools Makeup Brushes!

Are you in the market for professional quality makeup brushes? We’ve compiled a list of brushes our fans can’t stop reaching for! Take a look at them and let us know if you agree in the comments below!

The Blending Brush


776 Blending: This fluffy round shaped brush is perfect for blending out and softening out color. The blending brush will gives smooth and flawless application over the skin and applies pigment with ease.


Source: @melina_mg


Source: A Curiosity

The Pencil Brush


780 Pencil: The pencil brush is ideal for smudging eyeliner, concentrating dark shadows in the crease (V-shape), and highlighting tear ducts! It’s great tool you need to master the sultry, smoky eyes.


Source: Makeupedia


Source: Painted Ladies

The Eyeliner Brush


706 Fine Point Eyeliner: This extra fine, long straight brush gives you the sharp precision you need for lining the eyes. The length and density of the bristles are expertly crafted to give you the perfect look every time.


Source: @makeupmouse

Source: @signoradelmare

The Eyebrow Brush


762 Small Angle: The tapered point angles helps to fill in and shape your brows for a natural look. The fine tip can be used to draw individual eyebrow hairs. Use this brush to apply powder, liquid, or any cream products with total control.

762 762-1

Source: Beautezine

The Foundation Brush


957 Precision Kabuki: The wide, flat bristled head allows you to pick up product with ease. Ideally used to blend and buff makeup for the perfect airbrushed finish.

957 1957-1

Source: The Fashion Lookbook

The Powder Brush


955 Finishing: Designed to expertly finish and perfect makeup. This finishing brush allows you to layer product beautifully onto your skin.


Source: @hollybrookemakeup


Source: @mila_syas

The Blush Brush


942 Slanted Contour: The angled brush offers precise application to the cheeks which is great for lining it perfectly on your cheekbone. Create a sculpted appeal utilizing this brush’s ability to hug curves of the cheekbones.


Source: @beautybymicharci


Source: @makeupbyjesi

The Contouring Brush


990 Angled Face: This wide flat angled brush is perfectly suited for whisking powder over the face. It can also be used to gently brush off excess product. With its large handle, this brush helps to illuminate the most subtle contours of the face.


Source: @bennibeauty


Source: Angelicbetrayal

How to clean SFX brushes

Washing your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Learn how to properly clean your brushes to keep them in pristine condition. Cleaning your brushes should be quick and easy. Watch how Kiana Jones (SFX Makeup artist) cleans and disinfects her brushes all in one step! Make sure to check out her channel!


-99% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
-70% IPA
-Baby Shampoo (or dishwashing liquid)
-Paper towels


Step 1: Clean brushes with 99% IPA that have alcohol pigments in them, adhesives, gafquat, top guard, etc.

Step 2: Wash these brushes with baby shampoo and rinse with water. Wash remaining brushes (that have blood, creme makeup, oil makeup, dirt powders, etc.) with baby shampoo and rinse. Repeat if needed.

Step 3: Sanitize brushes and handles with 70% IPA (fill up a bottle to 70% with 99% IPA, and fill the remaining 30% with distilled water). This mixture can also be used to spot clean brushes. People assume that higher number is better, but 99% won’t sanitize because of the way alcohol reacts with the cell walls of bacteria and micro-organisms. To be effective, it has to be diluted with water: a 65-70% alcohol to 35-30% water is the most effective percentage.

4. Hang upside down to dry overnight.

5 Easy Makeup Tips for Healthy Winter Glow

With winter fast approaching, a quick update to your makeup routine can keep your face looking fresh during the cold months! Ladies from the streets of New York City gives 5 flawless makeup tricks to keep your skin glowing during the harsh winds of winter.

1. Contour Your Face Like A Pro



Rachel, a fashion blogger, applies liquid foundation in circular motions for airbrushed effect. Then she puts a bronzing powder in the shape of the number 3 (Start above the brow on your forehead, go down over the temple and on the cheekbone, go back over the cheekbone and then down the jawline to the chin). Easy enough? To finalize her look, she adds a touch of highlighter on her cheekbones and blush on the apples of her cheeks in an upward movement.

2. Combine blush and bronzer for radiant looking cheeks



Meredith says that blush plus Bobbi Brown‘s bronzing powder on her cheeks “creates the perfect bronzy blush.” Her beauty tricks include combining products for even better results.

3. Add water to your foundation brush for a natural finish



Ashley shares a secret to natural makeup application. Blown away by her minimal look and flawless skin? She adds a little water on her brush to thin foundation out slightly to achieve a smooth, natural look.

4. Look alive during your travels with two key products



Virginia, a flight attendant, reveals her in flight beauty approach. When traveling, her two go to key products are mascara and lipstick which gives a bit of color even if you’re tired.

5. Reuse your leftover lipstick as blush



Deborah says, “I had a phase when I went crazy for red lipsticks, so I have all of these half tubes leftover, and of course, I won’t throw them away. I started using them for blush. I put a smudge [of red lipstick] on the apple of my cheek with my finger, go around in a circle and maybe tap it a few times. Then I brush on the bronzer.”

What’s your best-kept makeup secret?

Source: Huffpost Style

4 Things We Do Every Day that Cause Avoidable Wrinkles!

Wrinkles occur as part of the natural aging process, but there are things we do every day that cause avoidable wrinkles. Are you tired of waging war against wrinkles? Don’t  give up yet! Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding wrinkles. A few lifestyle changes and beauty techniques can help keep your wrinkles to a minimum. Here are few tricks that will help reduce wrinkles suggested by aesthetician, Gina Marí. Click on the video to find out more!

Resource: NewBeauty


Holiday Glam Makeup Contest


BDbabes, holiday season has officially begun. A festive time calls for festive makeup! Instead of reaching for your everyday beauty looks, make your makeup as festive as your mood. Glam up your makeup routine and show us your gorgeous look!

Two ways you can enter by 12/16/2014:
1) Instagram your look and tag @bdelliumtools using #BDglam
2) Post your photo on our Facebook Page

We will choose the top 5 finalist and have people vote their favorites on our Facebook page and Instagram from 12/17-12/24. Winners with the most votes will be announced on the 24th.

What are the prizes?

1st Place: Studio Luxury 24pc. Brush Set

2nd Place: Yellow Bambu Complete 15pc. Brush Set

3rd Place: Travel Basic 7pc. Brush Set

Can’t wait to see all the amazing entries! Good luck, and don’t forget to share with your friends! :)



Celebrity Lip Colors to Try Now!

Out with the tinted lip balm and in with the out of your comfort zone lipstick color! Why not try something new this weekend? Everyone in Hollywood is doing it! Here are three noteworthy examples:

1. Vamped Out

Upgrade your look for a night and go dark like Amber Heard! This color will definitely push you out of your comfort zone. Learn how to pull off the vampy lip look just in time for the colder weather here.


2. Summer in November

Hot coral pre-winter? Why not? Olivia Munn totally made it work. Find the best shade for your skin tone and be a fallen victim to the coral craze.


3. Baby Lips

Kendall Jenner’s light pink lip shade is more stunning than ever! Check out the 10 best pale lipsticks!


BDbabes, would you wear any of these colors spotted on these celebrities or do you have a different bold and rich lip shade you gravitate towards? Start commenting below!


Source: Glamour

5 Tips to Help Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

Green Bambu Mineral 5pc. Brush Set 500

When it comes to good makeup application, it’s important to invest in the right makeup tools to get that perfect look.  Makeup brushes are a necessary part of beauty routine, so you want them to stay a part of your collection for the long haul. Joanna Schlip, a celebrity makeup artist, lists 5 tips to make your tools last as long as possible.

Wash Your Brushes Regularly


Source: Zoella

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is one of the best ways to protect your tools. Many experts agree that you should wash your brushes at least once a month. “It’s also important to clean your brushes as soon as you purchase them to remove any chemicals that might be coating the bristles.” says Schlip. The best and most cost effective way to clean your makeup brushes with natural bristles is with an organic baby shampoo since the real hair is fragile. For synthetic brushes, you can use a mix of antibacterial dish and extra-virgin olive oil.

Store Them Properly


Source: @vaslims

Clean your makeup brushes like a pro! Regular cleaning will help remove old makeup, dirt and debris, dead skin cells, bacteria and oils. After washing your brushes, make sure to air dry completely before storing it away. To dry, hang your brushes upside down or lay them flat on a towel, gently blotting any excess moisture as necessary. Reshape the bristles with your hand and be gentle with them.

Use the Right Brush with the Right Product

Makeup brushes with natural bristles should be used with dry formulas, and synthetic bristles should be used with liquids. “It’s about how well the hair absorbs the different product formulations,” says Schlip. “Synthetic bristles do not absorb as much product. You want the brush to pick up the perfect amount of product for best application onto the skin’s surface.”

Don’t Apply Aggressively


Source: @mathias4makeup and @selenis_leyva from Orange Is the New Black

When applying makeup, use a light hand so that the bristles don’t spread and bend. “Hair can fall out of the brush, which can result in uneven application,” says Schlip. Instead, she recommends using light-handed strokes to blend. “This is easier on the brush—and your skin.”

Go Synthetic


“Synthetic brushes usually last the longest,” says Schlip. Natural hair, on the other hand, is more delicate. Synthetic brushes made of nylon or polyester filaments are less likely to become damaged by the makeup itself or products you might use to clean your brushes. Looking for a professional eco-friendly makeup brushes? We recommend Bdellium Tools professional makeup brush green bambu series with vegan synthetic bristles. Shop by clicking here!

Your Thoughts?

We hope this was helpful! BDbabes, do you have a different techniques to make your makeup brushes last longer? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Women’s Health





5 Hot Trends This Summer

BD Blog 7-3-14

Longer days in summer mean more opportunities for you to look your best. Here are our top beauty looks this season!

1. Golden Glows

Sun-kissed skin doesn’t have to mean harsh UV rays attacking your defenseless skin cells. (More on that later.) Nor does it mean you have to use that dreadful orange spray tan-in-a can. Instead, opt for natural-looking summer color on your body with moisturizers that match your desired shade. Use a gentle scrub to remove any dead skin and ensure even application. On the face, use bronzer to highlight and contour areas for the glow of a goddess.

2. Boyish Brows

Are your brows more “Frida Kahlo” than “Mona Lisa”? Great news. We saw thick, lush eyebrows all over the runway this year, especially thanks to celebs Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne. Experiment with different shades of gray, brown, or black this season while you can. Just make sure to comb those babies and pluck those strays; we’ve yet to see a flattering uni-brow on anyone.

3. Purple Peepers

If eyes are the window to the soul, those bare eyelids are curtains in need of decorating! And what better way to adorn them than with the blossoming purples like Pantone’s Radiant Orchid, one of 2014’s Color of the Year? Whether you pick a deep, powerful violet for a sexy smoky eye or a soft, soothing lavender to sweep gently across your lids, you’ll be sure to bring a fresh, enchanted aura to your everyday look.

4. Luscious Lips

Who’s ready for some summer lovin’? Pucker up with bright hues that scream, “Kiss Me!” Vibrant corals, fuchsias, and oranges are just about everywhere, so join the fun with a flirty, juicy pout. Hydrate frequently and exfoliate occasionally and gently prior to applying product. Bonus lip tip: Alternate between glossy and matte. While matte tends to stay in place longer, it also dries out lips faster.

5. Sun Safety

While you’re out there soaking up natural Vitamin D from the sun, don’t forget to generously lather on broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher for most outdoor activities. Reapply every 30-60 minutes, especially after swimming or excessive sweating. And for those who hate the sticky, pale white residue, ask your doctor for better recommendations. Sure it’s a little inconvenient to care about sun safety, but it beats putting yourself at risk for skin cancer, the most common form of cancer in the United States. Healthy, happy skin = a more beautiful you.

Turn heads with one (or all) of these tips wherever the summer leads you! Don’t forget to tag us @bdelliumtools on your selfies to show which look you conquered.