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How to clean SFX brushes

Washing your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Learn how to properly clean your brushes to keep them in pristine condition. Cleaning your brushes should be quick and easy. Watch how Kiana Jones (SFX Makeup artist) cleans and disinfects her brushes all in one step! Make sure to check out her channel!


-99% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
-70% IPA
-Baby Shampoo (or dishwashing liquid)
-Paper towels


Step 1: Clean brushes with 99% IPA that have alcohol pigments in them, adhesives, gafquat, top guard, etc.

Step 2: Wash these brushes with baby shampoo and rinse with water. Wash remaining brushes (that have blood, creme makeup, oil makeup, dirt powders, etc.) with baby shampoo and rinse. Repeat if needed.

Step 3: Sanitize brushes and handles with 70% IPA (fill up a bottle to 70% with 99% IPA, and fill the remaining 30% with distilled water). This mixture can also be used to spot clean brushes. People assume that higher number is better, but 99% won’t sanitize because of the way alcohol reacts with the cell walls of bacteria and micro-organisms. To be effective, it has to be diluted with water: a 65-70% alcohol to 35-30% water is the most effective percentage.

4. Hang upside down to dry overnight.

5 Easy Makeup Tips for Healthy Winter Glow

With winter fast approaching, a quick update to your makeup routine can keep your face looking fresh during the cold months! Ladies from the streets of New York City gives 5 flawless makeup tricks to keep your skin glowing during the harsh winds of winter.

1. Contour Your Face Like A Pro



Rachel, a fashion blogger, applies liquid foundation in circular motions for airbrushed effect. Then she puts a bronzing powder in the shape of the number 3 (Start above the brow on your forehead, go down over the temple and on the cheekbone, go back over the cheekbone and then down the jawline to the chin). Easy enough? To finalize her look, she adds a touch of highlighter on her cheekbones and blush on the apples of her cheeks in an upward movement.

2. Combine blush and bronzer for radiant looking cheeks



Meredith says that blush plus Bobbi Brown‘s bronzing powder on her cheeks “creates the perfect bronzy blush.” Her beauty tricks include combining products for even better results.

3. Add water to your foundation brush for a natural finish



Ashley shares a secret to natural makeup application. Blown away by her minimal look and flawless skin? She adds a little water on her brush to thin foundation out slightly to achieve a smooth, natural look.

4. Look alive during your travels with two key products



Virginia, a flight attendant, reveals her in flight beauty approach. When traveling, her two go to key products are mascara and lipstick which gives a bit of color even if you’re tired.

5. Reuse your leftover lipstick as blush



Deborah says, “I had a phase when I went crazy for red lipsticks, so I have all of these half tubes leftover, and of course, I won’t throw them away. I started using them for blush. I put a smudge [of red lipstick] on the apple of my cheek with my finger, go around in a circle and maybe tap it a few times. Then I brush on the bronzer.”

What’s your best-kept makeup secret?

Source: Huffpost Style

4 Things We Do Every Day that Cause Avoidable Wrinkles!

Wrinkles occur as part of the natural aging process, but there are things we do every day that cause avoidable wrinkles. Are you tired of waging war against wrinkles? Don’t  give up yet! Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding wrinkles. A few lifestyle changes and beauty techniques can help keep your wrinkles to a minimum. Here are few tricks that will help reduce wrinkles suggested by aesthetician, Gina Marí. Click on the video to find out more!

Resource: NewBeauty


Holiday Glam Makeup Contest


BDbabes, holiday season has officially begun. A festive time calls for festive makeup! Instead of reaching for your everyday beauty looks, make your makeup as festive as your mood. Glam up your makeup routine and show us your gorgeous look!

Two ways you can enter by 12/16/2014:
1) Instagram your look and tag @bdelliumtools using #BDglam
2) Post your photo on our Facebook Page

We will choose the top 5 finalist and have people vote their favorites on our Facebook page and Instagram from 12/17-12/24. Winners with the most votes will be announced on the 24th.

What are the prizes?

1st Place: Studio Luxury 24pc. Brush Set

2nd Place: Yellow Bambu Complete 15pc. Brush Set

3rd Place: Travel Basic 7pc. Brush Set

Can’t wait to see all the amazing entries! Good luck, and don’t forget to share with your friends! :)