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Bdellium Tools Matte Lipsticks – Available in 7 Gorgeous Shades!

Available in 7 eye-catching shades, Bdellium Tools Matte Lipsticks are perfect for irresistible lips. Enriched with shea butter and macadamia oil, it provides ultimate hydration to help keep your lips nourished. These lipsticks are retractable and super easy to use. Because of the lightweight and creamy formula, it will glide on smoothly. It even has a one-click magnetic casing to easily open and close for your convenience. Plus, they are paraben and perfume free as well as, vegan!

Last Call
Scarlett OH
Touch of Eden
Wait A Minute
Dark Carnival
Made in Korea
Net weight 3.5 g / 0.12 oz (individual)

Full Set Available here.


950 - Octoly

Studio 950 Oval Multipurpose Brush!

Get precise flawless application with ease! Our new Studio 950 Oval Multipurpose brush has:

  • More bristles than the conventional brush
  • Made with super soft synthetic fibers
  • Bristles are more durable
  • Curved handle for easy application
  • For use with all formulations
  • Multi-functional – blend, contour, and set product
  • Lays color down without excess fall out
  • Evenly applies product on skin
  • Prevents product from settling into fine lines

  • BAMBU2

    Bambu Series – 5 Reasons to Use Vegan Brushes

    Makeup is an art, and to cultivate your creative flow, you need to use the best tools! Vegan brushes helps give back to our planet, by keeping it more sustainable. We’re so proud to offer versatile brushes in our Bambu brush series that meet both criteria! Our Bambu brushes are all vegan and cruelty free and are used by the best Makeup Professionals in the industry! We offer them in different colors (green, pink, yellow, purple), different handles (professional and travel size), and also for special effects makeup!

    Here are some benefits for using vegan brushes!

    1. Sustainable Bamboo Handles

    Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world! Bamboo can grow anywhere between 24-48 inches in a single day! Its rapid re-growth cycle can be harvest with virtually impact on the environment. Bamboo can also be grown in damaged soil, making this a truly green product. Bamboo’s longer life-cycle produces much more crop compared to hardwood trees! Think twice before purchasing a brush with a wooden handle!

    2. Hypoallergenic

    The fibers are hypoallergenic, a plus for anyone with sensitive skin! Some people have allergic reactions to natural fibers. And, the bristles are so, incredibly soft!

    3. Durability

    Synthetic bristles work really well with liquid, cream and emollient products. Some natural fibers will absorb the liquids and may ruin the bristles over time. This is not an issue with synthetic fibers. They also shed less, if at all, compared to natural fibers.

    4. Easier to Clean

    Synthetic fibers repel dirt and bacteria better than natural fibers. They also do not absorb as much pigment or formula. Because of this, it is easier to sanitize after use or deep clean – making them last longer than natural brushes in between washes.

    5. Saving the Planet!

    At the end of the day, know that you made a conscious decision toward sustainability! No animals were harmed or involved and the manufacturing process is completely cruelty free. This is our way of preserving our environment while still keeping you beautiful, inside and out! :)


    10 Tried and True Bdellium Tools Brushes!

    Our Studio Line carries 87 different brushes – a variety of tools to choose from for your eyes, face, and lips!  Here are the top 10 Tried and True Brushes, shared from our fans!

    1. 365 Square Mask: The straight edge helps to evenly apply facial masks. The firm edge assist in evenly distributing and blending liquid, emulsions and cream products. Can be used as a foundation brush for liquid and cream foundation.
    Available in Studio 365 and Travel 365

    Bdellium Tools Studio 365

    Bdellium Tools Studio 365

    Source: @greenlivingforme


    2. 540 Precision Liner: Flat, firm bristles converge into a tapered tip. Ideal for lipstick & lipstick liner application.

    Available in Studio 540, Travel 540, Maestro 540Green Bambu 540 and Pink Bambu 540

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 540

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 540

    Source: @beautybygraciee

    Source: @beautybygraciee

    3. 708 Bent Eyeliner: Lines your eyelashes flawlessly. The slanted ferrule and pointed tip allows for a smooth clear cut line or wing application.
    Available in Studio 708, Travel 708, Green Bambu 708 and Pink Bambu 708

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 708

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 708

    Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 708

    Source: @triciaclarkemakeup

    4. 710 Eyeliner: Extra-fine narrow pointed brush to line the eyes.
    Available in Studio 710, Travel 710, Maestro 710Green Bambu 710 and Pink Bambu 710

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 710

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 710

    Source: @gayaneovs_mua

    Source: @gayaneovs_mua

    Source: @makeup.yourmine

    Source: @makeup.yourmine

    5. 731 Mascara Fan Brush: The perfect tool for a light and even application of mascara. Minimizes both clumping and smearing of mascara while giving you the option of dictating the intensity of your application with ease. You can also use it as a highlighting brush for the bridge of your nose or high points of your cheeks!
    Available in Studio 731, Travel 731

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 731

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 731

    6. 762 Small Angle: The tapered point angles perfectly to work along the lash lines and creates a natural-looking curve. Use this brush to apply powder, liquid, or any cream products with total control. This can also clean up your brows with concealer by acting like a brow brush.
    Available in Studio 762, Travel 762, Maestro 762Green Bambu 762 and Pink Bambu 762

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 762

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 762

    Source: @argenapeede

    Source: @argenapeede

    7. 776 Blending: Perfect for shading and blending powder or cream products. Effectively diffuses lines to create a professional appearance. Can also be used to apply brow highlight!
    Available in Studio 776, Travel 776, Maestro 776Green Bambu 776 and Pink Bambu 776

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 776

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 776

    8. 785 Tapered Blending: This brush has a unique shape that is ideal for applying shadow along the crease of the eye to add depth. The tapered end is perfect for defining certain facial features such as nose contouring!
    Available in Studio 785, Travel 785, Maestro 785Green Bambu 785 and Pink Bambu 785

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 785

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 785

    9. 942 Slanted Contour: Angled bristles offer precise application to the cheeks to shape and structure your face. Create a sculpted appeal utilizing this brush’s ability to hug curves of the cheek & cheekbones. This is great for setting under eye concealer and powder.
    Available in Studio 942, Travel 942, Maestro 942Green Bambu 942 and Pink Bambu 942

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 942

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 942

    Source: @UmmBaby

    Source: @UmmBaby

    10. 957 Precision Kabuki: The wide, flat bristled head allows you to pick up product with ease & precision while evenly sweeping the product resulting in a professional air brushing effect on the cheeks. Ideally used to buff liquid products. Works with powder, blush, cream-to-powder color, mineral powder or bronzer
    Available in Studio 957, Travel 957, Green Bambu 957 and Pink Bambu 957

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 957

    Bdellium Tools Studio Line 957

    Source: @corinne_cordon

    Source: @corinne_cordon

    Source: @tomys_essentials

    Source: @tomys_essentials

    IMATS LA 2016

    IMATS LA 2016

    We had such a great time being at the 2016 International Make-up Artist Trade Show! It was great seeing all of our fans at our booth. We snapped a few photos during the show days on January 15th – 17th, 2016. Here are a few highlights from the show!

    IMATS Registration Table

    IMATS Registration Table. Photo: @bdelliumtools

    All of the guests were checked into the show at the IMATS registration counter were and given a wristband so they can enter and leave when they wanted. All the staff at the IMATS LA show were extremely helpful and friendly! They were able to help all the IMATS guests with Pro Card registration, check-in, and much more.

    IMATS Exhibitors and Floor Plan

    IMATS Exhibitors and Floor Plan. Photo: @bdelliumtools

    If you’re familiar with mall directories, this board should look quite familiar to you. You can find all the information regarding booths, shows, and the days the presenters were going to be at IMATS. Bdellium Tools was located near the front, at booth #606. Holler to our fans who saw us and walked straight up to our booth to purchase new brushes and to take photos with us!

    IMATS x Bdellium Tools

    IMATS x Bdellium Tools. Photo: @bdelliumtools

    We found ourselves in the IMATS information booklet! We were featuring our new BDHD brushes and had many demos at the booth for everyone to try out! Many of you guys really enjoyed how soft and sturdy the bristles are!


    The whole Bdellium Tools team is here! Photo: @bdelliumtools

    Bdellium Tools Team

    Bdellium Tools team photo @bdelliumtools

    The whole Bdellium Tools  was here! Literally minutes after opening, the whole booth was swarmed! We were so excited to see our fans visiting and buying new brushes from our booth. Everything at the booth at a major discount. We offer the same discount online to those who apply to our Pro Program (Makeup Artists, Industry Professionals, and Makeup Students qualify). 

    Shoppers enjoying our signature yellow Bdellium Tools bag. The 'b' is silent.

    Shoppers enjoying our signature yellow Bdellium Tools bag. The ‘b’ is silent. Photo @bdelliumtools

    You can spot our bags from hundreds of feet away! Our signature yellow bag helps you find your friends and family (if you may become lost amongst the crowd). It’s also reusable if you’d like to carry other things in it, too! Made from recycled plastics, the Bdellium Tools bag was quite a hit at the show.

    Trason explaining technicalities of a Bdellium Tools brush to a make-up artist

    Trason explaining technicalities of a Bdellium Tools brush to a make-up artist. Photo: @bdelliumtools

    Our Chief Make-up Artist, Trason, explaining technicalities of BDHD to one of the make-up artists at the show.

    This beautiful majestic creature done by McKenzie Gregg for Bdellium Tools on Pro Day at IMATS, LA 2016.

    This beautiful majestic creature done by McKenzie Gregg for Bdellium Tools on Pro Day at IMATS, LA 2016. Photo: @edwardkimbt

    Featured Bdellium Tools artist Mckenzie Gregg completed this beautiful majestic creature at our booth using all Bdellium Tools Special FX brushes! Thanks for coming McKenzie! It took her about 2.5 hours to complete this masterpiece and we must say, it’s quite scary!

    Amazing Snow White Evil Queen Witch character makeup by Ben Ploughman for Bdellium Tools.

    Amazing Snow White Evil Queen Witch character makeup by Ben Ploughman for Bdellium Tools. Photo: @edwardkimbt

    Our second featured Bdellium Tools artist, Ben Ploughman, created this Snow White Evil Queen with our SFX line during the second day of IMATS at our booth. Incredibly scary and reminiscent of the real queen in Snow White!

    Lady Lazarus creation and makeup by Keaghlan Ashley

    Lady Lazarus creation and makeup by Keaghlan Ashley. Photo: @edwardkimbt

    We couldn’t get enough of Keaghlan Ashley’s rendition of Lady Lazarus! It was scary-beautiful. What can we say, beauty is in the eye of the brush-holder?

    Cyclops. Photo by: @edwardkimbt

    Cyclops. Photo by: @edwardkimbt

    Bdellium Tools creator and founder, Edward Kim, standing next to Cyclops. We’re so proud of our friend Thomas Surprenant for creating this realistic beast from scratch. If you guys didn’t already know, Thomas is one of Hollywood’s most renown cinematic makeup artists of this era! Our Special FX line was named after him.

    Fantastic zombie creation and makeup by Nora Hewitt for Kryolan booth at IMATS, LA. Bdellium Tools SFX brushes were used for makeup.

    Fantastic zombie creation and makeup by Nora Hewitt for Kryolan booth at IMATS, LA. Bdellium Tools SFX brushes were used for makeup. Photo: @edwardkimbt

    Cinematic zombie created by Nora Hewitt for Kryolan, using Bdellium Tools SFX brushes. Looks like something from The Walking Dead stepped out into real life.

    Superman Batman comic body painting by Argenis Pinal for @mehronmakeup at IMATS, LA. Bdellium Tools SFX brush was partially used for his awesome body painting work and thanks for shout out.

    Superman Batman comic body painting by Argenis Pinal for @mehronmakeup at IMATS, LA.

    Cinematic makeup artist Argenis Pinal using a few of our SFX brushes to create this Zombie Superman/Batman character. Great job buddy!

    Showing our Periscope friends a few of our Studio brushes.

    Showing our Periscope friends a few of our Studio brushes. Photo: @bdelliumtools

    Bdellium Tools Periscope @ IMATS LA

    Bdellium Tools Periscope @ IMATS LA

    Thanks for those who joined in on our Periscope during the IMATS 2016 show! We were overwhelmed by the hearts and comments from you guys. Shout out to those who recognized Edward Kim and mentioned him in the chatroom! Thanks so much for your love and support – we couldn’t have done it without you guys.

    A huge haul from some of the makeup artists!

    A huge haul from some of the makeup artists! Photo: @bdelliumtools

    Some of us took advantage of the major discounts at the booth. We we had a surprise gift for those who purchased with us. Thanks to our super fans for doing a huge haul at our booth.

    Hope to see you guys in the upcoming shows this year. We’re traveling around the world to meet YOU. Come by and say hello to Edward Kim and the rest of the Bdellium Tools team. See you guys, soon!

    Bdellium Tools BDHD: High definition makeup brushes and how it will change the makeup industry for 2016

    The makeup industry has changed drastically over the few centuries since it has been first introduced by Cleopatra. From colors and styles, to chemical compositions of makeup – we’ve well moved past using earth ores to apply eyeshadow. However, in terms of the brush niche of the makeup industry, we’ve only gone so far in changing the materials in which how brushes are made.

    The beauty world is constantly improving on their makeup formulas, from long-lasting eyeshadows, to lightweight foundation with heavy coverage. This multi-billion-dollar industry is like science, we’re always looking for ways to improve what we currently have. However, we’re also infusing anti-aging properties into all of our makeup inventions. Almost everything in the makeup industry has changed,  but what about how we apply our makeup? Shouldn’t that change alongside with the new types of products we’re using? We say, absolutely!

    Bdellium Tools has come out with a better way to apply our favorite colors and products by creating a new series of brushes called “BDHD.” With its patent coming underway, it’s one of the first pioneers in the makeup industry to change how we apply makeup to our faces (in high definition). The BDHD brushes allow us to apply makeup in a whole new manner. From picking up the pigments, to applying them, and then to blending them beautifully – these new BDHD brushes were created to give us the flexibility of all of those tools in one brush.

    Six new brushes from two families: Studio and Pink Bambu

    Six new brushes from two families: Studio and Pink Bambu

    With our already popular brush lines, Pink Bambu and Studio series, we have added three new brushes to each of their line. The new names for these brushes are Pink Bambu BDHD and Studio BDHD, added to their designated family of brushes. They are all made from high-quality synthetic fibers, made to look and feel like natural bunny-rabbit fibers.

    Pink Bambu BDHD:

    Pink Bambu 988 BDHD Phase l – Large Foundation & Powder  $25
    Pink Bambu 968 BDHD Phase ll – Small Foundation & Contour  $20
    Pink Bambu 788 BDHD Phase lll – Blending & Concealing  $14
    The rest of the Pink Bambu line can be found here: FREE shipping for orders over $20

    Studio BDHD:

    Studio 998 BDHD Phase l – Large Foundation & Powder $25
    Studio 968 BDHD Phase ll – Small Foundation & Contour $20
    Studio 788V BDHD Phase lll – Blending & Concealing $14
    The rest of the Studio line can be found here: FREE shipping for orders over $20

    Typically, we use a sponge or even our fingers to apply makeup to our faces before we use our makeup brushes to beautifully blend the foundation away. With the new BDHD brushes, on one side of the brush we’re able to dab (and hold onto the makeup) and then apply it to specific spots of our faces without the use of our fingers our sponges (saving us time, money, and possibly avoiding adding unwanted bacteria to our faces). On the other side of the brush, we can use it to blend flawlessly with its 200,000+ brush fibers to create a streak-less result.

    With the clown-contouring trend being shamelessly put away by beauty experts, magazines, and social media gurus, we’re moving towards the trends of applying foundation to make our skin look more “natural, yet flawless.” Although contouring has been so much fun to do (and to watch on YouTube), it’s time we create more realistic high definition to our faces by moving away from clown-contouring and more towards using the right tools, such as the BDHD brushes. Let’s face it people, some looks may look good on Instagram, but it sure doesn’t look good in person.

    The BDHD brushes are going to change the way we apply makeup for 2016 – and we’re excited about it. Moving away from having to cake, bake, or pile-caking aka paking, our faces to achieve picture-perfect faces (and then having to contour on top of that); we’re moving towards using high-quality foundation, lip colors, and eye shadows that create an HD effect without having to do so many additional makeup tricks. BDHD brushes have so many brush fibers in them, we’re able to create a flawless and more real-life glamorous (and also Instagram and Facebook worthy) looks.

    Less is more, BDHD will help you use less tools to do more of what you want to your face.

    How to Apply for Bdellium Tools Pro Program


    Bdellium Tools Pro

    Bdellium Tools Pro mua

    Bdellium Tools Pro is a free membership program designed to support makeup artists, industry professionals and makeup students. Bdellium Tools Pro offers a 40% discount for makeup artists & 20% discount for industry professionals and makeup students (currently valid in the US only). Allow 5-7 business days for your application to be processed. You will be notified via email of your membership status! Make sure to see if you meet the requirements! Click here to apply ▶ Bdellium Tools Pro

    Best Contour Brush for Your Face Shape

    bd face

    If we asked you to name 5 different contouring products in 10 seconds, you’ll probably pass with flying colors (If you can’t…jump on the bandwagon! ;D). It seems like EVERY single makeup brands are coming out with a contour kit. If you’ve been BFF with the highlighting and contouring game, we know you’ve been obsessing over KimK and JLO‘s look. Who doesn’t dream of having smaller nose? Higher cheekbones? Chiseled look? All of the above can be achieved! You just need to use the right tools for your face shape. Find out how to master the art of contouring like a pro using the right brush!

    Bdellium Tools Contour Brushes

    Round Face

    There is no such thing as a “good side” for a round face. #RoundFaceProblems! We assure you that you are not alone! You want to highlight the center of the forehead to elongate the face and contour the sides to slim down round edges with a round fluffy brush like the studio #960. It will provide the perfect coverage to give your face more shape.

    Oval Face

    The oval face is generally balanced but is longer than it is wide (Think of Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Julia Roberts!). Slimming down that 5-head is made easy with the angled contour brush like the studio #942. The angled brush allows you to precisely contour the forehead to minimize and enhance your face shape.

    Heart Face

    Because the widest area of the face is at the temples and the forehead, you want to contour at the hairline and temples to narrow the forehead. For best results, follow your natural bone structure by starting at the top part of the ear toward the corner of the mouth. Because your cheekbones are already noticeable, try a small fluffy brush like the studio #945, so that you don’t over contour.


    Square Face

    Square face ladies have temples, cheekbones and jaw line that form a straight line. The goal in contouring square face shape is to round the perimeter of the face to soften the angular features. Use a fan brush like the studio #925. Drag the brush along the jawline and underneath the cheekbone using the tip of the brush.

    What are some of your favorite products to contour with? Let us know in the comments below!

    Source: Modamob

    Organizing Makeup the Right Way

    If you’re anything like us, your vanity is probably overflowing with lipsticks, concealers, foundations, lip liners, eye liners, eye shadows and the list goes on and on. When your beauty products are crammed inside drawers and cabinets, it can be very hard to find what you’re looking for. We’re not saying that it needs to look like a Sephora counter, but there should be a way to properly store your items.

    Learn how to keep your makeup collection in a tidy, easy to use way with Because I’m Addicted blogger Geri Hirsch. She collaborated up with Estée Edit to show us easy tricks to help your makeup find a proper home! Is your makeup collection getting out of control? Click on the link below and continue watching if you left a mess in your makeup table this morning! No judgement! :)

    Warning: 7 Perfect Date Night Looks

    Did you know that women spend 136 days of their lives getting ready for a night out? That’s enough time for an astronaut to fly to the moon and back 22 times! Whether it’s your first date or 10th, you can’t go wrong with these celebrity inspired looks. Step up your game and get ready to look fabulous! Read on beauty lovers!



    What color exactly is bordeaux? Somewhere in the middle of red and wine. This deep, dark, and rebellious color “screams fashion, power, sex appeal” and will instantly draw attention to your lips. Anne Hathaway pulls off the crimson pout by making it the focus of your makeup. Makeup artist, Quinn Murphy, suggests on keeping the rest of the face simple by adding a little bit of mascara and filling in the brows. Click here to find the best dark lipstick shade for your face.



    Eva Longoria‘s secret weapon to looking glammed up and gorgeous? Add on false lashes to make your lashes flirtier! It is one of the easiest way to add length and fullness to your lashes. False lashes instantly add glamour, widen small and tired eyes to make you look younger. Don’t worry if you’ve never used fake lashes before. Follow these simple steps to apply lashes like a pro. Grab your favorite pairs of lashes to get ready to rock a Eva Longoria-like flutter!



    Say hello to silver metallic eye makeup. The best part of icy metallic makeup is that it works great with every skin tone! Jessica Biel‘s silvery hue all around her eyes gives her a sassy boost! To get the icy queen look, Murphy suggests on using a creamy metallic liner formula. Apply the color to the lids and inner corners only. “This makes it sophisticated instead of junior high.” Define the eyes with a brown shadow blended into the crease to enhance your eye shape. Scared of looking tacky? Watch this ice queen makeup made chic tutorial by makeup pro James Vincent.



    The classic smokey eye never goes out of style and suits everyone.  Achieve Julianne Moore‘s sophisticated and sexy look by using a black eye pencil on the upper lashes. Smudge it out and apply a matte eye shadow below the lower lashes and eyelids. Be sure to blend it out! “Blur the edges—that gives you that really smoky, diffused look. It starts with the black and just fades into a slate color,” says Murphy. Finish off the look with tons of black mascara.



    Fresh face flushed with rosy tinted cheeks will give you an innocent yet romantic look. Get Olivia Munn‘s youthful and natural glow by applying cream blush from the apples of your cheeks and up along your cheekbone. Murphy recommends using rosy pinks for fair skin, corals for medium skin, russet and terra-cotta shades for medium to tan, and plum for darker tones. Blushing has never looked so good! Learn how to apply the blush for your own face shape and how to choose the right blush color that matches your skin best here.



    This look is one of our favorites! Rihanna looks like a golden godess! You can see the best balance of golden hues on her eyes, lips and cheeks. The secret to this look is to wear a glowing makeup all over the face and dusting a bronzer on the temples and jawline. “You’re keeping the color on the edges but still allowing the high points of the face to come forward.” Murphy says.



    Solange is spotted with bright rich lips. To achieve this romantic look, “tap the color on with your finger,” says Murphy. By doing so, “it’s going to have softer edges and look more undone.” Bright lips look amazing on every skin tone, so don’t be afraid to master the art of bright lipstick. Check out some inspirational looks we’ve pinning here!


    Source: Allure