Warning: 7 Perfect Date Night Looks

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Did you know that women spend 136 days of their lives getting ready for a night out? That’s enough time for an astronaut to fly to the moon and back 22 times! Whether it’s your first date or 10th, you can’t go wrong with these celebrity inspired looks. Step up your game and get ready to look fabulous! Read on beauty lovers!



What color exactly is bordeaux? Somewhere in the middle of red and wine. This deep, dark, and rebellious color “screams fashion, power, sex appeal” and will instantly draw attention to your lips. Anne Hathaway pulls off the crimson pout by making it the focus of your makeup. Makeup artist, Quinn Murphy, suggests on keeping the rest of the face simple by adding a little bit of mascara and filling in the brows. Click here to find the best dark lipstick shade for your face.



Eva Longoria‘s secret weapon to looking glammed up and gorgeous? Add on false lashes to make your lashes flirtier! It is one of the easiest way to add length and fullness to your lashes. False lashes instantly add glamour, widen small and tired eyes to make you look younger. Don’t worry if you’ve never used fake lashes before. Follow these simple steps to apply lashes like a pro. Grab your favorite pairs of lashes to get ready to rock a Eva Longoria-like flutter!



Say hello to silver metallic eye makeup. The best part of icy metallic makeup is that it works great with every skin tone! Jessica Biel‘s silvery hue all around her eyes gives her a sassy boost! To get the icy queen look, Murphy suggests on using a creamy metallic liner formula. Apply the color to the lids and inner corners only. “This makes it sophisticated instead of junior high.” Define the eyes with a brown shadow blended into the crease to enhance your eye shape. Scared of looking tacky? Watch this ice queen makeup made chic tutorial by makeup pro James Vincent.



The classic smokey eye never goes out of style and suits everyone.  Achieve Julianne Moore‘s sophisticated and sexy look by using a black eye pencil on the upper lashes. Smudge it out and apply a matte eye shadow below the lower lashes and eyelids. Be sure to blend it out! “Blur the edges—that gives you that really smoky, diffused look. It starts with the black and just fades into a slate color,” says Murphy. Finish off the look with tons of black mascara.



Fresh face flushed with rosy tinted cheeks will give you an innocent yet romantic look. Get Olivia Munn‘s youthful and natural glow by applying cream blush from the apples of your cheeks and up along your cheekbone. Murphy recommends using rosy pinks for fair skin, corals for medium skin, russet and terra-cotta shades for medium to tan, and plum for darker tones. Blushing has never looked so good! Learn how to apply the blush for your own face shape and how to choose the right blush color that matches your skin best here.



This look is one of our favorites! Rihanna looks like a golden godess! You can see the best balance of golden hues on her eyes, lips and cheeks. The secret to this look is to wear a glowing makeup all over the face and dusting a bronzer on the temples and jawline. “You’re keeping the color on the edges but still allowing the high points of the face to come forward.” Murphy says.



Solange is spotted with bright rich lips. To achieve this romantic look, “tap the color on with your finger,” says Murphy. By doing so, “it’s going to have softer edges and look more undone.” Bright lips look amazing on every skin tone, so don’t be afraid to master the art of bright lipstick. Check out some inspirational looks we’ve pinning here!


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