How to clean SFX brushes

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Washing your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Learn how to properly clean your brushes to keep them in pristine condition. Cleaning your brushes should be quick and easy. Watch how Kiana Jones (SFX Makeup artist) cleans and disinfects her brushes all in one step! Make sure to check out her channel!


-99% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
-70% IPA
-Baby Shampoo (or dishwashing liquid)
-Paper towels


Step 1: Clean brushes with 99% IPA that have alcohol pigments in them, adhesives, gafquat, top guard, etc.

Step 2: Wash these brushes with baby shampoo and rinse with water. Wash remaining brushes (that have blood, creme makeup, oil makeup, dirt powders, etc.) with baby shampoo and rinse. Repeat if needed.

Step 3: Sanitize brushes and handles with 70% IPA (fill up a bottle to 70% with 99% IPA, and fill the remaining 30% with distilled water). This mixture can also be used to spot clean brushes. People assume that higher number is better, but 99% won’t sanitize because of the way alcohol reacts with the cell walls of bacteria and micro-organisms. To be effective, it has to be diluted with water: a 65-70% alcohol to 35-30% water is the most effective percentage.

4. Hang upside down to dry overnight.

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