Best Contour Brush for Your Face Shape

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If we asked you to name 5 different contouring products in 10 seconds, you’ll probably pass with flying colors (If you can’t…jump on the bandwagon! ;D). It seems like EVERY single makeup brands are coming out with a contour kit. If you’ve been BFF with the highlighting and contouring game, we know you’ve been obsessing over KimK and JLO‘s look. Who doesn’t dream of having smaller nose? Higher cheekbones? Chiseled look? All of the above can be achieved! You just need to use the right tools for your face shape. Find out how to master the art of contouring like a pro using the right brush!

Bdellium Tools Contour Brushes

Round Face

There is no such thing as a “good side” for a round face. #RoundFaceProblems! We assure you that you are not alone! You want to highlight the center of the forehead to elongate the face and contour the sides to slim down round edges with a round fluffy brush like the studio #960. It will provide the perfect coverage to give your face more shape.

Oval Face

The oval face is generally balanced but is longer than it is wide (Think of Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Julia Roberts!). Slimming down that 5-head is made easy with the angled contour brush like the studio #942. The angled brush allows you to precisely contour the forehead to minimize and enhance your face shape.

Heart Face

Because the widest area of the face is at the temples and the forehead, you want to contour at the hairline and temples to narrow the forehead. For best results, follow your natural bone structure by starting at the top part of the ear toward the corner of the mouth. Because your cheekbones are already noticeable, try a small fluffy brush like the studio #945, so that you don’t over contour.


Square Face

Square face ladies have temples, cheekbones and jaw line that form a straight line. The goal in contouring square face shape is to round the perimeter of the face to soften the angular features. Use a fan brush like the studio #925. Drag the brush along the jawline and underneath the cheekbone using the tip of the brush.

What are some of your favorite products to contour with? Let us know in the comments below!

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