Bdellium Tools BDHD: High definition makeup brushes and how it will change the makeup industry for 2016

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The makeup industry has changed drastically over the few centuries since it has been first introduced by Cleopatra. From colors and styles, to chemical compositions of makeup – we’ve well moved past using earth ores to apply eyeshadow. However, in terms of the brush niche of the makeup industry, we’ve only gone so far in changing the materials in which how brushes are made.

The beauty world is constantly improving on their makeup formulas, from long-lasting eyeshadows, to lightweight foundation with heavy coverage. This multi-billion-dollar industry is like science, we’re always looking for ways to improve what we currently have. However, we’re also infusing anti-aging properties into all of our makeup inventions. Almost everything in the makeup industry has changed,  but what about how we apply our makeup? Shouldn’t that change alongside with the new types of products we’re using? We say, absolutely!

Bdellium Tools has come out with a better way to apply our favorite colors and products by creating a new series of brushes called “BDHD.” With its patent coming underway, it’s one of the first pioneers in the makeup industry to change how we apply makeup to our faces (in high definition). The BDHD brushes allow us to apply makeup in a whole new manner. From picking up the pigments, to applying them, and then to blending them beautifully – these new BDHD brushes were created to give us the flexibility of all of those tools in one brush.

Six new brushes from two families: Studio and Pink Bambu

Six new brushes from two families: Studio and Pink Bambu

With our already popular brush lines, Pink Bambu and Studio series, we have added three new brushes to each of their line. The new names for these brushes are Pink Bambu BDHD and Studio BDHD, added to their designated family of brushes. They are all made from high-quality synthetic fibers, made to look and feel like natural bunny-rabbit fibers.

Pink Bambu BDHD:

Pink Bambu 988 BDHD Phase l – Large Foundation & Powder  $25
Pink Bambu 968 BDHD Phase ll – Small Foundation & Contour  $20
Pink Bambu 788 BDHD Phase lll – Blending & Concealing  $14
The rest of the Pink Bambu line can be found here: FREE shipping for orders over $20

Studio BDHD:

Studio 998 BDHD Phase l – Large Foundation & Powder $25
Studio 968 BDHD Phase ll – Small Foundation & Contour $20
Studio 788V BDHD Phase lll – Blending & Concealing $14
The rest of the Studio line can be found here: FREE shipping for orders over $20

Typically, we use a sponge or even our fingers to apply makeup to our faces before we use our makeup brushes to beautifully blend the foundation away. With the new BDHD brushes, on one side of the brush we’re able to dab (and hold onto the makeup) and then apply it to specific spots of our faces without the use of our fingers our sponges (saving us time, money, and possibly avoiding adding unwanted bacteria to our faces). On the other side of the brush, we can use it to blend flawlessly with its 200,000+ brush fibers to create a streak-less result.

With the clown-contouring trend being shamelessly put away by beauty experts, magazines, and social media gurus, we’re moving towards the trends of applying foundation to make our skin look more “natural, yet flawless.” Although contouring has been so much fun to do (and to watch on YouTube), it’s time we create more realistic high definition to our faces by moving away from clown-contouring and more towards using the right tools, such as the BDHD brushes. Let’s face it people, some looks may look good on Instagram, but it sure doesn’t look good in person.

The BDHD brushes are going to change the way we apply makeup for 2016 – and we’re excited about it. Moving away from having to cake, bake, or pile-caking aka paking, our faces to achieve picture-perfect faces (and then having to contour on top of that); we’re moving towards using high-quality foundation, lip colors, and eye shadows that create an HD effect without having to do so many additional makeup tricks. BDHD brushes have so many brush fibers in them, we’re able to create a flawless and more real-life glamorous (and also Instagram and Facebook worthy) looks.

Less is more, BDHD will help you use less tools to do more of what you want to your face.

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