Bambu Series – 5 Reasons to Use Vegan Brushes

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Makeup is an art, and to cultivate your creative flow, you need to use the best tools! Vegan brushes helps give back to our planet, by keeping it more sustainable. We’re so proud to offer versatile brushes in our Bambu brush series that meet both criteria! Our Bambu brushes are all vegan and cruelty free and are used by the best Makeup Professionals in the industry! We offer them in different colors (green, pink, yellow, purple), different handles (professional and travel size), and also for special effects makeup!

Here are some benefits for using vegan brushes!

1. Sustainable Bamboo Handles

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world! Bamboo can grow anywhere between 24-48 inches in a single day! Its rapid re-growth cycle can be harvest with virtually impact on the environment. Bamboo can also be grown in damaged soil, making this a truly green product. Bamboo’s longer life-cycle produces much more crop compared to hardwood trees! Think twice before purchasing a brush with a wooden handle!

2. Hypoallergenic

The fibers are hypoallergenic, a plus for anyone with sensitive skin! Some people have allergic reactions to natural fibers. And, the bristles are so, incredibly soft!

3. Durability

Synthetic bristles work really well with liquid, cream and emollient products. Some natural fibers will absorb the liquids and may ruin the bristles over time. This is not an issue with synthetic fibers. They also shed less, if at all, compared to natural fibers.

4. Easier to Clean

Synthetic fibers repel dirt and bacteria better than natural fibers. They also do not absorb as much pigment or formula. Because of this, it is easier to sanitize after use or deep clean – making them last longer than natural brushes in between washes.

5. Saving the Planet!

At the end of the day, know that you made a conscious decision toward sustainability! No animals were harmed or involved and the manufacturing process is completely cruelty free. This is our way of preserving our environment while still keeping you beautiful, inside and out! :)

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